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IVF Success Stories

Dr Kan’s skills and expertise regularly turns hope into happiness for couples and women throughout Sydney, as well as international patients. As an IVFAustralia fertility specialist, he has one of the highest success rates not only in Australia, but internationally.

“We met Dr Kan and after our initial consultation we decided to go with IUI. We were very lucky that it worked first go. Now I am 17 weeks pregnant and having a little girl. The staff at all your branches that I had contact with were so kind and nothing was ever too hard.

I tell anyone who will listen about IVFAustralia. The staff and nurses are amazing. It’s people like your staff that makes such a difference to couples like my husband and I. Thank you just does not seem enough. You and your staff have changed my life.”

Janine *

“Thank you for all your support and help with the creation of both our children, Henry and Poppy. All went well with Poppy’s birth and Henry loves his sister. We wouldn’t have them without your help. Thank you.”

Kate and Patrick *

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart! We delivered twin babies on August 22. Both are healthy and so cute. You made our dream come true! We cannot thank you enough.”

Mei and Xu Guan*

“Sincerely, thank you all for giving us hope when we were feeling hopeless, staying with us through all the hard times and eventually bringing us this little angel into our arms.”

Joseph and Penny *

* names have been changes to protect patient privacy


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