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Age and Fertility

The single most important factor influencing your chance of conceiving is the age of the female partner. At the age of 36, your chance of conceiving naturally is just half that at 20 years of age.

Dr Kan has conducted extensive research into the impact the perception of age has on infertility. In a comparison study in 2006 between Asian and Caucasian patients, he found that women of Asian descent frequently wait longer to seek fertility treatment, and one reason was they perceive they have more time as they are often told by western society ‘they look younger’. They may also turn to Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) first.

For this reason, Asian patients were taking longer to fall pregnant with IVF. Yet with all other factors removed, Caucasian and Asian patients had similar pregnancy rates.

With this study, Dr Kan hoped to reinforce the understanding that if you wait three or four years to get pregnant naturally, your fertility will decline sharply during that time. He presented these findings at the ASPIRE conference in Osaka in 2012.

You can also read more about his findings in this SMH article.

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“Your colleagues may tell you that you look 25 when you’re actually 40. But it doesn’t matter how old you look or how fit you are, it’s the age of your ovaries (and your eggs) that really matters.”

Success stories

Kate and Patrick* needed IVF/ICSI with sperm retrieval to have both their children, as Patrick had previously had a vasectomy. Henry was born after one cycle of IVF, but because Kate was three years older when she decided to try again it took three cycles to fall pregnant with Poppy.

“Thank you for all your support and help with the creation of both our children, Henry and Poppy. All went well with Poppy’s birth and Henry loves his sister. We wouldn’t have them without your help. Thank you.”

* names have been changed to protect patient privacy


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