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Specialist Support Team

Dr Andrew Kan’s patients have the support of an experienced fertility team that includes a female IVF specialist nurse and patient co-ordinators, as well as the expertise of IVFAustralia’s embryologists and andrologists.

Leeann Tan, Registered Nurse

Leeann Tan worked as an IVF Specialist in Guangzhou, China, for four years before immigrating to Sydney. She has worked with Dr Andrew Kan for more than 10 years as a qualified Registered Nurse, and completed her Master Of Medicine at the University of Sydney in 2005.

Like Dr Kan, she also speaks fluent Mandarin and Cantonese and is a first point of contact for patients whenever they need questions answered, or emotional support. She takes the patient history, arranges tests, co-ordinates appointments reviews results and reports, and explains the IVF cycle and injection process to IVF patients.

Patient support team

Dr Kan’s patient co-ordinator team at his Haymarket (in Sydney’s Chinatown), Liverpool, Westmead and Kogarah clinics are always available to help with travel advice, payment information and support with Medicare and private health insurance.

IVF team

IVFAustralia’s expert andrologists, embryologists and fertility counsellors will also take care of you during your fertility treatment. Egg collection is carried out at City West Specialist Day Hospital or City East Specialist Day Hospital.

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“A number of our patients might not speak English as their first language, and this is a time when they really need to speak with someone who understands them.”


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